When disaster hits home, basic needs become a priority: food, shelter and clothing. CRDN of North Florida works with homeowners, restoration contractors and insurance professionals to help put the pieces back in place. Understanding that a family’s health and safety come first, we bring the comfort of knowing that everything else can be replaced—or restored.

This is where CRDN comes into the story.

For more than a decade, CRDN has established a leadership position in the textile restoration industry…a category that we created. With the best people, processes and technology anywhere, we get it done right—on time, every time.

Response matters and caring counts:

We get there fast, whenever you need us. We work in concert with your insurance company and restoration contractor compiling a comprehensive inventory of damaged clothing, fabric articles and life’s irreplaceable treasures. Then we immediately get to work restoring your happiness.

Items restored:

CRDN’s professionals are highly trained and follow the CRDN certification standards for restoration dry-cleaning for restoring fabric items damaged by fire, smoke, water, or exposure to mold and other contaminants. We are adept at handling a wide range of specialty items, including window treatments (blinds, drapes, sheers, custom cornice boards, etc.), shoes, purses, hats, belts, leathers, furs and pillows, as well as medical garments, wedding dresses, uniforms, tapestries, vestments, linens and more.

Inventory and Tracking:

Our internal and color-coded inventory control systems track your articles through our plant from the minute they get here until the minute we deliver them back to your home or temporary residence.

The Ozone and Deodorization Process:

Ozone is a chemical process that turns O2 into O3 eliminating all odors in fabrics instead of simply masking them. The process takes time, but it ensures the highest quality in the removal of smoke odors from fabrics, unlike other processes which merely mask them. Best of all, the process is completely safe for the environment!


We offer secure conveniently located storage facilities, serving as the homeowner’s “closet” until they are ready for their items to be delivered. Homeowners’ can choose to have items processed and returned to temporary housing or stored long term.

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