CRDN understands that property damage is a stressful situation for anyone who has to endure it; that is why we take great care to be especially sensitive to your needs during these trying times.

Your clothes can be damaged by fire in more ways than just direct exposure to flames. Soot and smoke damage can be just as damaging to clothing. Additional damage may be done by the water or foam that firefighters use to extinguish fires.

Smoke and soot can damage clothes long after the flames have been extinguished. Smoke residue contains particles not consumed in the fire that can permeate your fabrics.

•Smoldering fires create more residue than quick-burning fires because they burn at a lower temperature and therefore burn longer. Smoldering fires may create more smoke than quick-burning fires.

•Most smoke residue is very acidic and can tarnish metal surfaces and rust iron surfaces. Smoke residue can settle on fabric surfaces causing the cloth to change color.

•The chemical action in fabrics created by smoke can be stopped by removing the smoke residue and all other offending particles.

CRDN uses special cleaning procedures for our smoke damage restoration services. Improper or inefficient smoke removal procedures can cause fabrics to further absorb smoke residue, and increases the damage.

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