Restoring Electronics After a Fire

Repair, Don’t Replace!

Electronics have a high rate of recovery if they are restored properly after a fire. There are many items than can be cleaned and restored for a fraction of what it would cost to replace them such as:

Video game consoles
Kitchen appliances
Power tools
Video and music discs
Remote controls
Musical instruments
(keyboards, guitars, etc.)
Security systems

Exercise equipment
Hair dryers
Curling irons
Space heaters
Light fixtures
Smart phones
DVD and Bluray Players
Digital data stored on hard drives, jump drives, and data discs can also be recovered.

How Do You Clean Smoke Damaged Electronics?

Smoke seeps inside electronics damaging the inner components, pushing in soot. The acidity of the soot can destroy metals, and the black film coating interior parts can have an insulating effect on heat-producing parts and lead to over-heating and potential fire.

Professionals disassemble the electronic device and clean it from the inside out, using the different techniques and solutions depending on the types damage and the variety of electronic components that need to be cleaned. They will address issues like dust, soot, and water damage in different ways.

Why You Shouldn’t try Electronics’ Restoration Yourself

What gets left behind after a fire occurs is considered a biohazard. Electronics contain many toxic substances like chromium, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Not only can exposure cause health problems, you could end up causing more damage to your belongings. Not all fire damage is the same. There could be ash, soot, smoke, water, or other issues like chemicals to deal with. Cleaning with the wrong techniques can compound residue and lead to another fire.

Professional cleaning services are trained and experienced in identifying the types of damage, and therefore proper cleaning process necessary, to restore your electronic devices.

Contact Professional Electronics’ Restoration Experts

Fires can cause devastating losses for both homeowners and businesses. Having smoke-damaged electronics tested and repaired professionally can help save you some serious money in the arduous recovery process.

After a fire, contact your insurance company, and then call CRDN of North Florida serving: Jacksonville, Gainesville, Savannah, Georgia and surrounding counties and let us help you restore your electronics the right way.