Carter and Chris Funk

The father/son team started Deluxe Dry Cleaning in 2001 and in 2003 they expanded the business into restoration work. They joined the CRDN franchise in 2005 adding a location serving North Florida and Coastal Georgia. Chris actually started the business while a student at Flagler College. Carter left a 30-year career in the energy business to work full-time on business ventures with his son in 2003 when Chris graduated from Flagler. The father/son team also have several successful real estate businesses in Florida and Georgia.

Jamie Hackey

Jamie Hackey is the General Manager at CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia. She joined the team as an executive assistant in 2009. With tenacity and continued education in the restoration industry, she transitioned through the ranks into her current position. It is through her passion for helping others, unwavering dedication and knowledge in both Textile and Electronics’ restoration that she leads her team on the CRDN mission to help restore peace of mind after a disaster. CRDN has helped restore memories for thousands of families in the local area under Jamie’s expert supervision.

Steven Funk

Steven is the Operations Manager at CRDN of North Florida and has been with the team for 10 years now. He has experience in almost every aspect of the company working through the ranks to where he is today. Steven has operated a large Dry cleaning and restoration plant where he has gained most of his experience in restoring different fabrics to their pre-loss condition. Steven has also gone through electronic restoration training and is certified to handle any size job. With this experience in textile and electronic restoration, he is sure to get our customers through any situation with professionalism and poise.

Jennifer Oglesby

Jennifer joined the CRDN of North Florida team in 2017 as a Textile Conservator. In her position, she is charged with caring, treating and preserving textiles affected by fire, water, mold and various other contaminants. Jennifer previously worked at Deluxe Cleaners and is well-versed in exercising the specific care required for all garments. Her attention to detail and commitment to providing quality service inspires the rest of her team to strive for excellence.

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