A proven advantage, an enormous impact…

Insurance companies seeking to reduce costs and improve margins while also improving service to homeowners now have an immediate, effective and proven solution available: The Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN).

CRDN is a nationwide organization of high quality drycleaners who specialize in insurance restoration dry-cleaning and electronic decontamination services. Our members are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a ‘Rush Service’ for items needed immediately, which means you can reduce ‘Additional Living Expense’ (ALE) and start saving money right from the beginning of a claim.

What’s the advantage to you?

CRDN members are trained to capture the loss by conducting thorough, on-site, room-by-room inventories that save you time and provide a reliable record of a home’s clothing, textile, and electronics contents. CRDN’s system includes inventory, restoration and storage of electronics, clothing, and other fabric items of the insured until they are ready for them to be returned.

Our proven system can even reduce customer complaints by preventing problems from occurring… our thorough, detailed inventory process identifies all of the affected items as well as the rooms to which they will be returned. CRDN also provides a follow-up inventory of the non-salvageable items, which provides detailed descriptions (including the brand) of all items considered a total loss. This inventory ensures proper assessment of replacement costs.

Additionally, our fast and efficient invoicing helps you close claims quickly. Best of all, our guarantee is simple yet incredibly valuable: If the garment doesn’t clean, it’s free.

What’s the advantage for your organization?

Restoration drycleaning targets the fastest growing category on insurance claims: contents. Clothing, linens and other fabric items (those that a restoration drycleaner can restore), typically account for almost one-fourth of the household goods listed on insurance claims. This is more than any other category of contents. Considering that on average, restoration drycleaning costs only 16 percent of replacement, a savings of 84 percent, it is clear that garment restoration can save insurance companies millions each year.

CRDN also decontaminates electronics affected by power surges, water, smoke, and debris. This is the second largest claim category of contents behind textiles and together account for close to half of the household items listed on insurance claims.

Our Proven System

While restoration drycleaning has been done for years in a fragmented manner, CRDN and their members now offer a systematic, single source that provides comprehensive services anywhere and anytime according to pre-established guidelines for quality and pricing. As your strategic partner, CRDN can help you satisfy claims while reducing costs for your company.

CRDN members are highly trained in the latest technology and processes for garment and electronic restoration – whether faced with damage caused by fire, smoke, water or even mold-which enables us to achieve the highest recovery rate in the industry. In fact, we save more than 95 percent of the items we clean.

CRDN provides a comprehensive training for you and your staff, at no charge. We will design a customized session for your company or participate in your existing training programs, so you will see first-hand the tremendous cost savings of restoration drycleaning and how it works.

CRDN also specializes in mold remediation training, featuring the most current processes and tactics to address this increasingly important and potentially devastating issue. The Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network provides its members with the tools and support to serve you and your customers. Call us today for details on how we can help your organization achieve substantial cost savings.

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