CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia is E-Certifed!

CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia promotes a positive claims experience by meeting the needs of homeowners, adjusters, and restoration contractors by offering a complete electronics and textile contents restoration solution that reduces replacement costs and restores irreplaceable property.

What does it mean to be E-Certifed?

  • E-Certifed Training- CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia and our staff have completed a training and certification program to apply industry standards for electronics testing and decontamination.
  • Industry Expertise- CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia’s restoration professionals have been implementing and highly systematized process for soft contents restoration since 2002, driven by innovation, transparency and accountability.
  • Testing, Cleaning & Storage- CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia uses a proprietary system to test electronic items- before and after decontamination- and the capacity to clean and store a large quantity of items fosters client and customer satisfaction.
  • We can also restore major items like MRI machines or manufacturing equipment and in most cases retain the manufacturer’s warranty.


Decontamination of electronics affected by water, soot, lightning, and debris. 

Items we can clean – TVs, Computers, Printers, Cameras, Audio Equipment, Mobile Devices, Media Discs, Gaming Systems, Appliances, Power Tools, Vacuums, Fitness Equipment, Radios, Hard Drives and more. Essentially anything with a plug.

Commercial Testing and Decontamination Available. 

Same Commitment

Notice of loss – CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia will respond to claim Assignments within 2 hours, and works with the Policyholder and Contractor to pack out affected electronics and perform diagnostic testing.

Immediate Needs- The Policyholder’s most necessary electronic devices are restored and returned within 48 hours of the initial pack out.

Decontamination- All items are tested, and those deemed to be fully restorable are cleaned and stored until the policy holder is ready for delivery.

Recover Digital Memories

CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia also restores electronics files saved to effected storage drives and media discs, limiting the loss of important documents and preserving the memories. Even if we cannot restore the computer, in most cases we can restore the data.

Safe Secure Professional Packaging & Storage

CRDN of North Florida and Coastal Georgia tests, cleans, protects, packages and stores your electronics in a climate controlled warehouse until you are ready for the items to be returned.

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