CRDN prides itself on its ability to Communicate across all parties clearly. Clear communication is key to all parties involved throughout the entire claim process. Inventory control, completion dates, and real time tracking keeps everyone informed and up to date during the restoration process.

  • Insured, Adjuster & Contractor Receive regular updates on how the job is going.
  • Welcome message goes out to all parties so we all know who’s working together. ¬†(Scope of work and Claim Synopsis Provided to you within 24 Hours)
  • Immediate Needs Delivery Notification (All Parties)
  • Estimate/ Not to Exceed Provided to you within 24-48 hours.
  • Order Completely Processed Notification (All Parties)
  • Final Delivery Notification (All Parties)
  • Service Evaluation Message (All Parties)
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